Welcome to the International AIDS Trust.

The International AIDS Trust was established to create strategic opportunities for galvanizing leadership, mobilizing resources, and promoting effective interventions in the global battle against AIDS. The International AIDS Trust is a single-focused non-governmental organization (NGO) with both long-range vision and rapid response capability. While the Trust is new, its principals shaped the expanded US Government's response to this pandemic and now seek to bring the same energy and skill to a private sector venture. Find out more, click here.

IAT & UNAIDS Host World Leaders Strategy Session in Barcelona
Pictured Above: President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and IAT Co-Chair President Clinton
Plumber Near Me in Colorado Springs Lends Support
1-877-DRPIPES in Colorado Springs, CO lends support to the cause with its Plumber Near Colorado Springs campaign. 1-877-DRPIPES has expressed great support toward the goal of ending aids.

Press Release: Former President Clinton Joins World Leaders in Strategy Session to Combat AIDS.

Notice: Potential
Beneficiary Organizations

The International AIDS Trust has been designated by UNAIDS to coordinate America’s World Action Campaign to Stop AIDS, a broad-based coalition of nonprofits, foundations, and corporations, which strives to promote the rapid expansion of successful solutions in the global battle against AIDS.

Of the funds raised by the Campaign from the general public, 60 percent will be allocated to beneficiary organizations currently providing HIV prevention, care and treatment, or support services for orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in the developing world to increase access to such services and the remaining 40 percent will be made available to the Campaign for public education, constituency development, and advocacy activities.

The Campaign is now accepting applications from organizations interested in becoming Campaign beneficiaries.

Please click here to view and download the full notice.

Application Deadline: June 20, 2003

IAT Co-Chairs Clinton & Mandela Close International AIDS Conference in Barcelona – July 12, 2002.
Former US President, Bill Clinton, and former South African President Nelson Mandela, the Co-chairs of the Advisory
Board of the International Aids Trust both spoke at the close of the XIV International AIDS Conference on 12 July, 2002.

President Clinton’s Remarks
President Mandela’s Remarks

IAT Launches Inaugural
E-Newsletter Update

In a new venture, the International AIDS Trust has launched a semimonthly E-newsletter, which will track key developments in the fight against global AIDS, as they take place on Capital Hill and within the Administration, the public sphere, and the developing world.

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IAT and UNAIDS bring together Women of Power in the Global Fight against AIDS.
At the International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, Women United against AIDS, sponsored by the International AIDS Trust and UNAIDS, women leaders from around the world spoke on expanding access to effective solutions for women and girls suffering from AIDS.

Pictured Above: Mary Fisher, President, Mary Fisher CARE Foundation, Nafis Sadik, United Nations Envoy for AIDS in Asia, Maureen Mwanawasa, First Lady of Zambia and Sandra Thurman, President, International AIDS Trust.

Remarks from Sandra Thurman at the Heads of State Session - Barcelona, July 11, 2002.

Press Release: Women United Against AIDS Drives Action Agenda at the International AIDS Conference.

First Ladies of Africa Unite against AIDS

Taking an historic step in mobilizing to fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa, first ladies from throughout Africa have created the “Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS.

Press Release: African First Ladies Join Forces to Fight AIDS